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The Petals You Grow

A girlfriends guide to making true, lasting friendships.

As we grow through life, we gain new petals. 

The petals we grow are the many layers that make us who we truly are. 

Layers that are beautifully remembered and layers that are better forgotten. Layers of our day to day lives, layers of our hopes and dreams, layers of our many fears. 

Daily we expose our petals to the world, only showing the most beautiful parts of ourselves without uncovering the dirt and tears that each petal holds. 
But what happens when you uncover each petal you’ve grown? 

You open the doors to truth, authenticy, and friendships that are built upon that. 

Growing is HARD, living through life and figuring it all out alone, is HARD...

but now, we’re doing the hard work together. We’re going through our petals one by one. We’re revealing our scars, looking for rips and tears, and clearing up the piled dirt. We’re growing, together. 

For 6 weeks, we’ll be uncovering the petals we’ve acquired as we’ve grown through friendships, relationships, family drama, hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties. 

We’ll look at how we’re built, how we’ve grown and how we can show up authentically each and every day not only for ourselves, but for those around us. 

If you’ve tried and tried again, to understand yourself, connect with new friends and with no success, continued to feel like you were alone in a big city, with no one to truly COUNT ON then this workshop is here FOR YOU. We are here FOR YOU. 



A 6-week in person workshop that is designed to uncover truths,
build bonds and authentically connect you with the girlfriends you meet. 

What?! Six weeks?! That’s a long time….

Before you dive in to the magic of this workshop, you’re probably already freaking about The 6 week commitment.

Showing up for each other requires time, growth requires time. If the six weeks is scaring you, take the leap with the fear and do it anyway. If in 6 short weeks you get to experience such a life-changing transformation with a new group of girls where you feel completely authentic, then I say it’s worth it.

Some of the petals we’ll uncover throughout this 6-week workshop: 

Week 1: Friendships and “frenemies”

Where we’ll dive in to your history with friendships, good and bad. Memories of friends  you miss, memories of friends you would rather forget. We’ll uncover your experience with friendships so we can build a solid base. 

Week 2: Romantic Relationships

Where we’ll talk about your experience with romantic relationships, your season of singleness and how these seasons have impacted friendships in the past and the future. 

Week 3: Families

Families can make or break us. We’ll chat all about families, the good, the bad and everything in between. But especially how they have helped mold you into who you are today. 

Week 4: Growing up and Insecurities 

We’ll tackle every mean name we’ve ever heard about ourselves, the way we believe the world perceives us and how that affects how we authentically show up. 

Week 5: Self Improvement

Where we’ll talk about the demands of self-improvement and how we can be impacted by it. 

Week 6: Hopes and Dreams 

A peek into the future and how we can all help each other reach our biggest goals. The next step to moving forward and growing together. 

  • -You’ve ever felt shy and anxious in a social situation 
  • -If you’ve ever moved to a new city and found it difficult to fit in and connect with new girls 
  • -If you’ve tried other networking groups and they just didn’t do it for you. 
  • – If you’re ready to make real connections, authentic bonds and feel part of a community that is ready to support you, dream with you and be there for you! 


-The group will meet in person for 6 weeks

-Each session will last 1:30 hours 

  • -Sessions will be held weekly on SATURDAYS at 11:00am in Brighton, MA 
  • -Workshop dates: October 3rd – November 7th

Until early bird pricing expires and you miss out on all the extra perks!! Insert the code EARLYBIRD at checkout to secure your discounted offer! 

Coronavirus Precautions:

Times are uncertain and while we try to remain positive, we are committed to taking necessary precautions in order to keep everyone safe. 

  1. -A virtual option is available for anyone who does not feel safe in joining physically but still want to be a part of the workshop. 
  2. -The group will be extremely limited  so we can adhere to state guidelines for indoor gatherings. 
  3. Sanitizers will be available during each session 
  4. Each participant must wear their mask throughout the duration of the session. 

Truth is, you might never be ready. Truth is you might feel anxious, you might feel like you don’t have the time, or that it’s not worth it. 

But if you read this far, you need this workshop and we need you in it, because your story will make all the difference.


We’ll see you on the inside. 


-Ana and May 

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